Doug Coombs


Arguably the greatest adventure skier to ever live, Doug Coombs pioneered hundreds of first descents down the biggest, steepest, most dangerous mountains in the world. He graced magazine covers, wowed moviegoers, became the face of top ski companies, and ascended as the king of big mountain extreme skiing. His place at the top was confirmed in 1991 when he won the very first World Extreme Ski Championships in Valdez, Alaska. Yet perhaps Coombs’s greatest legacy was as a guide, leading people on wild adventures and giving them the best days of their lives. Now, his story is told for the first time in Robert Cocuzzo's Tracking the Wild Coomba.

Beyond a biography, Tracking the Wild Coomba is an adventure story that takes readers into the extreme mountains where Doug Coombs pioneered a new era of skiing. From the Whites of New Hampshire, to the Tetons of Wyoming, to the Chugach of Alaska, to the Alps of France—author Robert Cocuzzo followed Coombs’s tracks around the world over the course of several years. By skiing some of the runs Coombs skied, spending time with his friends and family, and living in the mountain towns where Coombs made his home, Cocuzzo pieces together what made Doug Coombs one of the greatest skiers of all time.  



Left and right image by Ace Kvale / Middle image by Larry Prosor